Family Feedback

I wanted to take a few minutes and commend you for the amazing staff that you have.

I have never experienced before the dedication and warmth from the team you put together.

I have to admit that in the beginning I didn’t believe (oh yeah) that a team coming to the house would work out. But WOW Ruth and Troy are amazing therapists and have changed our lives and made us better people and better parents.

I have to say that the relationships that we developed with Ruth & Troy have allowed us to feel safe and were able to open up and let them not only into our home, but our lives. We are going to really miss them a lot, and have really grown to almost feel like they were a very important part of [our] family. We will all be very sad when they leave.

I just wanted to end with letting you know that the experience that we had with Child and Family Focus has really been wonderful. Professional and experienced therapists with a heart and understanding to family needs.

Please tell the receptionist that I always bother that she is great to, always finding someone when you need them. Please tell us what we can do to help you in the future. We are always open for new ideas and ventures.

Thank you again

A Grateful Mother

We are so grateful to have such professional and caring people help us through this very difficult process…”

We were living with a dangerous child. We were doing the best we could keeping family member safe but our son was getting worse fast.

The evening we met our team and were part of the CFF group we knew we were going to be ok. That first evening we were extremely impressed with how Irma and Becca handled the session. They were very skilled in handling our son who is very manipulative. They seemed to immediately pick up on things that only our psychiatrist and we understood. Their ability to handle the meeting, keep Joe* within boundaries and have a productive discussion was impressive to us as we have been dealing with Joe’s* issues for many years.

It did not take long before they completely understood the seriousness of the situation. Joe* was not willing to make any change and was continuing to threaten us. We needed to get crisis assistance on a few occasions; we knew we were finally not alone. When it came time for Joe* to be hospitalized, they stayed with us until after midnight in the emergency room and insisted on waiting for the ambulance to arrive before they would leave. They spent hours trying to find a bed at a psychiatric hospital and just kept reassuring us that they would keep working until they did.

After he was hospitalized they continued to help us along in the process of getting him to a RTF. They arranged the children’s review team and were part of the meeting with CCBH. They continued to meet with him to try to help him understand that he needed to be a part of treatment.

We as a family had experienced trauma living with Joe* but we were also experiencing a loss with seeing him so violent and angry in the hospital. We were feeling relief that we were safe and looking forward to some normalcy in our lives. We had much work to do helping our son Tim* who Joe* had physically and emotionally hurt. We had such mixed emotions and were all in a different place in the healing process. Irma and Becca helped us all move forward, they are great listeners and very compassionate. They knew just what to say and when to say something. I was having the hardest time and they really helped me move forward.

Reflecting back on the experience, we are so grateful to have such professional and caring people help us through this very difficult process. We are all safe and we will never forget the impact they had on our lives. We are very thankful for everything they did for our family.

*Names were changed to protect the family

Our Family

I want to thank Child & Family Focus, Inc. (CFF) for being there when we needed them.

When CFF got involved, Marcus* was really out of control. He was kicking, biting, hitting, pulling hair, etc. [My family based team] started by coming [to our home] and talking with him. They would go for walks and talk with him.

[Prior to receiving services with CFF], there hadn’t been any male peer that Marcus* could follow. Troy, [Marcus’* family based therapist], helped out a lot to explain different things I couldn’t.

Troy and Elise [Marcus’* family based case manager] also taught me to not lose control in any given situation. That only escalates the problem. Eventually, with their talking to me and Marcus*, we learned how to work with each other. Sometimes [when] we are close to a problem, we [can now] see what we can and can’t do.

I am truly grateful for CFF getting involved. They sent two wonderful people to help us. Troy and Elise didn’t pass judgment on me for needing help. They were patient, kind, and very considerate with Marcus* and I.

All I can say is that I have nothing but kindness [for them], and am grateful they came into our lives. They will be truly missed when the time comes for them to move on.

If you listen to them and take their advice, you will be forever grateful, like Marcus* and I.

A Friend Always


My experience with Child and Family Focus was very helpful to me and my family. Two therapists from CFF helped me so much.

I had very good relationships with both of my therapists. I really feel like they cared about me. A great way they helped me behave was that I would have a chart and we would see how well I behaved that week. If I had a certain amount of points, then I would get a reward such as a CD or a trip out to lunch. CFF was a great experience for me and my family.


Your kindness & gifts were very much appreciated by all of us. My nephew received all kinds of art supplies which he really liked, in addition to all the other fine gifts. *Nancy was very much surprised as well – she sleeps every night comfortably in her new sheet & blanket set. All of the other pot holders, towels, cleaning product, candles, and lotions were just what I needed. I was very happy to receive the beautiful P.J.’s. I truly enjoyed just being so comfortable all day.

The joy that you brought us on Christmas was a gift from above. I have been struggling for the last year since my sister *Betsy died, [as I am] trying to care for five children and two cousins part-time (they live in a home and are disabled). Even though things have been hard, God always answers my prayers. Thank you for being one of those answers.

Please pray for me to receive a better paying job where I can use my skills as a Payroll Manager. I have not been able to find one since Oct. 2003. One day when I am on my feet, I hope I can bring some joy to another family that is in need.

I will never forget the ANGELS at Christmas!

God Bless all of you

The W-S Family

I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how things are progressing with *Sam, but I first want to thank you and Drena for all of your help and guidance through the processes.

*Carrie & I are very blessed to have Sam, but as you know, his impulsivity has been a great concern to us. Your interaction with us has been terrific and I can’t compliment Drena enough. When she learned that the staffing was all in place for Sam she immediately called to tell me the great news. I love her enthusiasm and really enjoy our conversations.

Sue is our Behavior Specialist from Horizons and she has been great. She is extremely responsive to our questions and concerns. Although it has only been two weeks since the program started, Sue has been calling us on a regular basis to keep us informed of Sam’s progress and the progress of the TSS… It’s difficult to get Sam to talk about his day, but he certainly likes to talk to his new friend Ms. Heather, [his new TSS]. Sue has been giving us some ideas on how to work with Sam at home, which we have been implementing.

We found a large puppet snake on-line and Sam loves it, except now he wants a real snake just as big. He is great with the snake and it enables us to engage him in a two way conversation, which is teaching him how to converse without the puppet. His day care has been very accommodating and has said good things about Sue. They even let Sam bring his snake to class, thanks for the suggestion.

Again, I just wanted to thank you and tell you how appreciative we are of your help. We look forward to talking with you soon.


Mr. & Mrs. R

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