Our Mission

Child and Family Focus provides a continuum of mental health and supportive services that enhance the quality of life and relational well-being of youth and their families. Through our commitment to serve with excellence, we endeavor to provide and advocate for effective growth and positive change through least-restrictive family and community based settings.

Core Value Statements

Develop and retain committed staff and providers who value and respect delivering the highest quality of support and service to youth and families through a culturally competent, team oriented approach.

Faith Based
Founded on the Christian values of commitment to serve, consideration of the spiritual needs of others, uplifting human dignity, recognizing the worth of every person and raising awareness to the plight of others.

Voice and Choice
Encourage and empower family voice and choice by listening to and striving to understand the strengths, needs and culture of every family and the youth served, as they make decisions that influence their support and services.

Maintain a culture of innovation that encourages and fosters creative approaches to promote success by partnering with youth, families and child serving systems.

Develop and maintain quality standards in operating a successful not-for-profit agency that is fiscally prudent, ethically sound and adhere to the fidelity of multiple programs.

Strive to be leaders in the human service field by challenging, inspiring and empowering youth, families, staff and child serving system to achieve their highest goals.

Resiliency and Recovery
Provide youth and families with meaningful opportunities to develop and reach their full potential.

Committed to serve youth and families with excellence, respect, dignity and compassion through a strength-based approach.

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A not-for-profit, faith based agency dedicated to building communities and strengthening families.