Children’s Review Team (CRT)

What is the goal of the Children’s Review Team?

The goal of the Children’s Review Team is to increase the ability for every child to receive appropriate mental health services and to enjoy a strong quality of life in his/her family and community. The Children’s Review Team uses a multi systems approach based on the CASSP principles and the belief in the resiliency of every child and family.

What to expect from the Children’s Review Team:

  • The child and family in need of assistance will be treated with respect and dignity at all times.
  • The family will be connected to a Family Mentor should additional advocacy support be needed.
  • Everyone’s voice will be valued and heard at the table.

Steps to access the Children’s Review Team

  • A Psychiatric/Psychological evaluation less than 30 days old recommending placement is needed for a Residential Treatment Facility or Therapeutic Foster Care.
  • Initial call is made to Children’s Review Team at Child and Family Focus (610-650-7750 x 285).
  • CRT coordinates an Interagency Services Planning Team Meeting (ISPT).
  • ISPT meeting reviews child’s strengths, current concerns, and past interventions.
  • Information packet submitted to Community Care Behavioral Health for review.
  • CRT monitors child’s progress in placement and assists family and facility with discharge planning.

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