Peer Support Services (CPS)

for Transition Aged Youth (ages 14-26)

What is a Peer Specialist?

Certified Peer Specialists are individuals with lived experience who are trained to share their own stories of recovery and resiliency. They engage and inspire Transition Age Youth (TAY) to plan for what is important to them in their everyday life.

How can they help?

With the key concepts of hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support, the CPS will work with the young person in developing their own Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and Crisis-Plan.  CPS will help the young person identify community resources, develop organizational skills for daily living, and help plan around social supports. With permission of the young person, CPS will work together with family members and natural/community/professional supports to advance and overcome obstacles and the societal stigmas that often come with the labels of serious mental illness or emotional disturbance.  CPS meet Young People where they are most comfortable, in their home or community.

Who is eligible?

Young people between the ages of 14 and 26 who:

  • Possess current Medical Assistance (MA) coverage or MA eligible
  • Have the presence of a serious emotional disturbance that impacts the young person’s functioning at home, school, or the community
  • Have the presence of a serious mental illness that functionally impairs the young person in their life activities
  • Have dual MH and mild ID/DD including Autism
  • Are willing to commit to meet 1-2 hours per week minimum

Not Eligible: Young people with a drug and alcohol diagnosis only

Who can make a Referral?

Referrals can be made by the young person, family member, behavioral health providers, Children and Youth, JPO, schools and other community resources. Written recommendation from a Licensed Psychologist, Psychiatrist, M.D., CRNP, or  P.A. within the last 60 days that provides diagnosis. Referrals will be received by the program supervisor and reviewed for program eligibility regarding history, diagnoses, and MA eligibility. The referral is made with the consent of the young person.

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