Transition Aged Youth (TAY)

What are TAY RISE services for transition age youth?

Child & Family Focus (CFF) offers Reaching Independence with Support and Encouragement (RISE) Services for Transition Age Youth in Bucks County, PA.  RISE for Transition Age Youth, often referred to as TAY RISE Services, were developed to support youth preparing for independent living in acquiring the skills necessary to reside successfully on their own.  Through hourly services in the youth home, youth participating in the program will receive instruction and hands-on learning opportunities to help them gain new competencies in skills needed for independent living. The support and instruction provided by the mentor acts to strengthen the youth’s sense of self-sufficiency and alleviates the need for parents or primary caregivers to act as instructors during a developmental period when youth are seeking greater autonomy.  In this way TAY RISE Services supports the youth’s independent living goals while providing parents or other primary caregivers with relief and peace of mind.

How are the youth’s independent living skills competencies ASSESSED?

Youth who participate in the program will receive a comprehensive assessment of their current independent living skills before they begin hourly services with an approved mentor.  The assessment incorporates feedback from multiple sources including an interview with the youth, their parents or primary caregivers, and members of the youth’s trusted support team.  Additionally, youth complete the Casey Life Skills questionnaire which measures independent living skills in multiple areas including: daily living activities, self care, maintaining healthy relationships, housing and money management, work and study habits, career and education planning, and goal-setting.  Based on information gained through the assessment process, a TAY RISE Plan of Care is developed which outlines goals for skills development and identifies activities that will help the youth to develop needed skill sets.

How is Progress Made and Measured?

The youth will receive instruction and hands-on learning opportunities that will help them meet the goals in their TAY RISE plan of care.  Services occur at a rate of 10 hours per month in the youth’s home or the community. Feedback from the mentor and the youth is gathered after each visit.  Additionally, the youth will receive information about how to practice new skills between services.  The TAY RISE Plan of Care is reviewed every three months at which time goals are revised and the need for continued services is assessed.  

Who is eligible?

This program is currently being piloted through a federal grant, the Now is the Time – Healthy Transitions Grant and youth must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for the TAY RISE Services.  Eligible youth will be between the ages of 16 and 25, be residents of Bucks County, have a mental health diagnosis, and be interested in working to build skills for independent living.  Youth with a current intellectual disability diagnosis are not eligible to participate in TAY RISE Services at this time. Individuals with an intellectual disability may qualify for similar services through Waiver programs.  TAY RISE is a non-clinical service and youth must be psychiatrically stable in order to participate in this program.

Who provides services?

TAY RISE services are delivered by approved CFF mentors on an hourly basis in the youth’s home or in the community.  The mentor is a person who has experience working with children and young adults in a professional capacity.  Mentors have also undergone FBI fingerprinting screenings and maintain CPR and first aid certifications.

Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral on behalf of a youth who may benefit from participating in TAY RISE Services.  Potential sources of referral include teachers, school counselors, case managers, therapists, drug and alcohol counselors, probation or parole officers, physicians or other medical care providers, family members, or even the youth themselves.  Service providers and other trusted members of the family’s support system can play an integral role developing the TAY RISE Plan of Care by helping the youth to identify their current competencies and independent living skills that the youth would like to work on while during services; however, it is not necessary for you to be participating in other services in order to benefit from TAY RISE Services.

How is a referral made?

A referral for TAY RISE services may be made by submitting a completed respite referral packet to the Hatboro Annex office of CFF.  After the referral is received, a member of the CFF Staff will follow-up with the family to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the youth, their family, and members of their trusted support team.

For more information please contact a Coordinator at 215-366-5300 ext 345.

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